Multi Display Network Player


On film sets and for video installations, a common problem is to find a way of playing back different video files on various screens and systems in sync with each other. Costly and bulky hardware solutions with video mixing boards are the usual approach.


  • Written in C#
  • Engine: Unity
  • Platform: PC/Mac
  • Synchronous playback across Mac/PC systems over the network
  • Support for multiple displays per system


Multi Display Network Player was developed for a German TV movie production in the need of an alternative: A software solution for synchronous playback of various video files across multiple networked Mac & PC systems with multiple displays each.

One Mac/PC acts as the host. Any number of client systems can connect over the network. Each system in the network can load a video file for each of it’s connected displays with an Explorer/Finder dialogue. Playback and stop can be invoked from any machine on the network.

Multi Display Network Player

* Permission to use original images/videos of the software being used on the film set is not yet granted by the film production company. Title image was taken from: