Motion-controlled Game for players with disabilities


Explore the depths of the ocean in a little submarine, using a Wiimote motion controller! [Prototype, Master project] The prototype was created during a 5-days workshop about connected objects for players with mental disabilities at the French public video game school Cnam-Enjmin. A physical replica of the digital submarine (with a Wiimote controller hidden inside) was built to serve as a motion controller.


  • Engine: Unity
  • Platform: PC
  • Camera: third-person
  • Character: a little, yellow submarine
  • Controls: Wiimote (inside a physical replica of the yellow submarine), Keyboard


  • Led a team of 12, providing resources and advice on designing for players with disabilities
  • Led the design and implementation of a Wii Remote-based motion controller
  • Conducted playtesting with players with mental disabilities
  • Helped to implement the menu system with accessibility settings

Yellow Submarine - Turning in sandy environment Our little submarine is navigating the underwater world.

Yellow Submarine - Team meeting Meeting with the team.

Yellow Submarine - Greyboxing GIF An early greyboxing prototype.

Yellow Submarine - Adruino Prototyping We formed a sub-team to prototype, build, and implement the physical controller (here: experiments with an “Adruino” gyroscope)…

Yellow Submarine - Physical controller Prototype …a soft ball served as a basis for the replica of the in-game submarine…

Yellow Submarine - Physical controller Used to Control the Game …and finally, by hosting a Wiimote controller, allowed wireless motion control of our in-game submarine.

Yellow Submarine - Motion Control The submarine reacts responsively to player movements with the physical controller…

Yellow Submarine - Player Feedback …and the game rewards the player with satisfying visual feedback for collecting flock of fish. Challenge is only suggested by making the flocks impossible to miss.

Yellow Submarine - Playtesting with players with mental disabilities Playtesting with players with mental disabilities from the French charitable institution “Enfants du Soleil” in Angouleme.

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