Escape Room

PROGRAMMING (Unreal Engine, C++)

Escape the room by finding the hidden trigger that opens the door. But the door will close again, once there is no weight present on the trigger. Personal project.


  • Written in C++
  • Engine: Unreal Engine
  • Platform: PC
  • Camera: first-person
  • Character: trapped in a room
  • Controls: keyboard & mouse


  • Complete protection of pointers.
  • Trigger volume opens the door, when a object that is heavy enough is present.
  • Grabbing system (with ray-casting) for liftable objects.
  • Objects have to be placed on the trigger volume to add up weight and keep the door open.
  • Smooth animations utilizing Unreal Blueprints triggered from code.
  • Basic level design.

Escape Room - Overview in Unreal Editor

Escape Room - Lifting objects Lifting objects…

Escape Room - Objects on trigger volume keep door open …and placing them on the trigger volume…

Escape Room - Objects moved to trigger volume …keeps the door open for us to escape.