Escape Room

PROGRAMMING (Unreal Engine, C++)

Escape Room - Overview in Unreal Editor

Escape the room by finding the hidden trigger that opens the door. But the door will close again, once there is no weight present on the trigger. Personal project.


  • Complete protection of pointers.
  • Trigger volume opens the door, when a object that is heavy enough is present.
  • Grabbing system (with ray-casting) for liftable objects.
  • Objects have to be placed on the trigger volume to add up weight and keep the door open.
  • Smooth animations utilizing Unreal Blueprints triggered from code.
  • Basic level design.

  • Written in C++
  • Engine: Unreal Engine
  • Platform: PC

Escape Room - Lifting objects Lifting objects…

Escape Room - Objects on trigger volume keep door open …and placing them on the trigger volume…

Escape Room - Objects moved to trigger volume …keeps the door open for us to escape.